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Radio Lead Africa Media , Is an Independent, community radio that PROVIDES a platform for Human Rights civic education; EMBRACES diversity, tolerance of opinions & freedom of expression; SEEKS to stimulate, educate and entertain our audience to reflect, celebrate & promote the creative cultural & political vitality of all African Community; while ADVOCATING for peace,social and environmental justice.To create a new Uganda in which the fundamental rights of its citizens are respected.


To place the right of all citizens of Uganda @ the fore front of all structures of government .


(1)To promote , protect and enforce human rights under a just rule of law in Uganda .

(2)-Educate all Ugandans about human rights. 

(3)-Campaign against human rights abuse. 

(4)-Create structures through which victims of human rights abuse can be addressed.

(5)-Set up information network through which human rights abuse can be exposed through eg.-whistle blower . 

(6) - Create social media platform ie Face book and Twitter that focuses on discussing social economic and political issues affecting Uganda .

(7) Petition the National & International Human rights bodies about the human rights violations in Uganda .

(8) Name and Shame the abusive human rights acts of individuals and the government of Uganda.

(9)- Openly lobby for specific action for other government to take against the
- the government of Uganda for human rights abuser, including naming 
- specific government individuals for arrest , or for sanctions to be levied
- against Uganda.